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Maintain your Decks: Dogs “Peeing” on decks because of Snow!

Too Much Snow?

 Maintain your Deck and avoid problems of having your pets “pee” on them!  The old adage “Don’t eat yellow snow” should be don’t leave yellow snow on your deck!

The snow keeps falling, your deck and outdoor living space keeps piling up high with snow.  No where for your pets to go. What to do?  Shovel it!  Take the snow off your patio to prevent uplift of the stones.  If they were not installed properly, the freezing of the ground will cause an uplift of the stones.

When this happens, and you shovel it, the shovel will get bent due to the upheaval of the flagstone.  If you have a metal tip/lip to your shovel, it will get bent and scratch the next surface it hits…..which will probably be your deck!  Do not use that shovel on your deck, furniture, car, etc. it will cause scratches that cannot be repaired entirely.  If your deck is wood, they can be sanded, but if your deck is vinyl or composite the only way to repair those scratches is to replace the board.

The best solution, do not use metal on your deck.

We live in the Northeast too.  We’ve removed all the snow from our rails, tables, chairs, decks and barbeque.  This helps all of these items prepare for the next snow.

It also helps our dogs understand that it is still a deck, patio, and furniture.  Dog “pee” in snow doesn’t seem that bad.  It was always a joke as a kid, “Don’t eat yellow snow”, but when the snow melts, it all soaks into the deck or patio, leaving an odor that animals can detect.  All of a sudden, in the middle of summer you see your fine, loved pet, sniffing and using that same area as a “spot” to relieve themselves.

Avoid this anguish by shoveling your deck clean of snow so those “little ones” understand the path to their destination.

Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s a fact of pets!  Take care of your deck like you would your wood floors in your house.  You would never throw dirt all over you living room floor,  don’t leave snow on your deck….same ending


The Best Shovel for your Deck

The Best Shovel for your Deck

Do you ever notice scratches on your deck in the spring? The most common cause is the use of metal shovels, or plastic shovels with a metal strip/trip to remove snow.  I apologize if I sound repetitive, as I have posted this before, but DO NOT USE METAL on your decks!!!

The best shovel is a plastic shovel with no metal on it.

Is your deck made of  composite/vinyl decking, like Fiberon, TimberTech, Azek, Gossin, or one of the many other composite/vinyl products on the market?  Or perhaps red cedar, pressure treated, Garapa, or Ipe?  They will all scratch when scraped with metal.

Your local hardware store, Home Depot, or where ever you purchase your snow shovels, sells all plastic shovels and they are usually less expensive then their metal counterparts.  Specifically look at the section that touches the deck.  Many plastic shovels will have a metal strip/tip on the bottom (the part of the shovel that touches the deck) for breaking ice.  These shovels are not acceptable.  Buy the shovel without the strip.

ImageImageMany of you may say, “Why would I shovel my deck?”  Although I cannot comment on decks built by other companies, I can comment on decks built by Archadeck of Southern Fairfield and Westchester Counties. www.ctdeck.com, and this is what we believe.

Archadeck of Southern Fairfield and Westchester Counties builds all their decks to a design load of 60 pounds per square foot. The design load is for “live load” which includes people, furniture, barbeques, heaters, and yes, snow. A 10 x 10 area, evenly loaded, should hold approx. 6,000 pounds. That’s a lot of friends, furniture, and/or a lot of snow.  If we have built an outdoor kitchen, fire place or spa,  your deck is engineered for those items in addition to people, furniture and snow.


The weight of snow is not exact, as all snow is different.  But in general terms a cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 pounds. Light fluffy snow has less water than wet heavy snow and Ice is almost 100% water with air. Light, fluffy snow weighs approximately 12 pounds per cubic foot, where wet heavy snow is closer to 21 pounds per cubic foot.  Ice is the heaviest and is assumed to weigh approximately 62.5 pounds per cubic foot.


A deck built by Archadeck of Southern Fairfield and Westchester Counties should accommodate 5 of light fluffy snow, 3 of wetter heavy snow or 1 of ice.


So what do all these numbers mean?  They are approximates and should not be challenged.  Snow can act as an insulator and may seem fluffy on top, but ice or wet, heavy snow could lie underneath.  Shoveling your deck helps avoid pushing limits or challenging any of these approximate numbers. Furniture and barbeques have weight of their own, additional weight is added when snow piles up.  It’s best to clean the snow off these items too, both for their preservation in addition to the extra weight the snow is creating.  Removing snow also keeps snow away from your doorways and sidewalls of the house where damage could occur with melting, freezing and new snowfall.



Lastly, for all you pet owners, shoveling snow can prevent your animals (especially those little ones) from believing your deck is now the ground….need I say more.


For those of you who do not yet have a deck, or, would like to replace one, it is never too early to start planning for Spring.


Permits for your Outdoor Living Space

February 1, 2014….Seems a little early to start thinking about Spring planning, right?  Wrong!  Now is the best time to start planning.  Permitting in Southern Fairfield, CT and Westchester County, NY can be a time consuming process.  In order to have your outdoor living space built to enjoy this spring, now is the time to start.

Archadeck will sit down with you and discuss your objectives and work with you to find a solution to your dream yard.  Surveys are a necessity in this day.  In order to design an outdoorliving space you desire and one that can be built, we must first look at your survey to determine what you locale will allow.

Setbacks, wetlands and septic systems all play a role in what and where you can build.  Town requirements are constantly changing.  Design your outdoor living space to conform to your town requirements.  There is nothing worse than falling in love with a design and then finding out the town will not allow it to be built.
Surveying companies get very busy in the spring.  If you wait too long, you may not even be able to get a survey for a month or two.  Towns like Greenwich, Stamford, Fairfield and Norwalk have a fairly quick permit turn around time provided the appropriate paper work is in place (updated survey, green space coverage, storm water management information, etc.)  Other towns like Darien, White Plains, Mamaroneck and Westport typically take at least two to three weeks if not longer after the initial paperwork is filed.

Now is the time to start planning.