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Best Decks in Westchester, New York and Fairfiled Connecticut

Best Decks in Westchester and Fairfield County

Permits slow the start, get someone who knows what they are doing!

All over the country regulations are getting stricter and stricter.  Who knew you needed a permit for a deck, much less a deck you are replacing exactly as is!  Well you do, and regardless of what you have, that may not be allowed anymore.

To begin with, it may not have had a permit to start, so right there you are stopped dead in the water.

Secondly, new regulations, such as FEMA, Stormwater management, Greenspace, Lot coverage, Wetlands, etc. makes it semi-impossible to figure out what one can do.  We here at Archadeck of Southern Fairfield and Westchester Counties pride ourselves on our indepth knowledge of town requirements.  We are constantly reading the new regulations for every town. 

 When we design your deck, if we are unaware of your Towns requirements, we contact the town to determine what your setbacks are, and what is needed to aquare a permit..  But we never let them know your address…..just the area.

We have always been very aware of the individual locales requirements.  Several years ago the Town of Greenwich, CT instituted a “Storm water Management” manual.  This manual stated that any increase in lot coverage required an Engineer to be involved.  This mandate requirement reflected an additional $2,000.00 – $4,000.00 cost on top of the cost of the deck.

Archadeck of Southern Fairfield and Westchester Counties worked hard, researched, and submitted a request to amend this aspect of the manual to not include decks.  It was our determination that decks are pervious, not impervious, and therefore should not count.

The Town of Greenwich accepted our modification  and amended the manual, provided decks will be built to certain specifications, ie decking boards be space 3/16”, which of course, is what we do.  They also require gravel under the deck for drainage.  This is helpful to you the homeowner also, as it keeps the water away from the foundation.

 Service is our number one goal.  Companies that do not recognize service do not stay in business for over 25 years, as we have.  We do what it takes to keep you the homeowner, informed and aware of what you can build, how it can be built, and what it will cost.  Our number one objective is to meet your objectives, needs, and make sure you have “no buyers remorse”.  This is why over 50% of our business comes from homeowner referrals.


Maintain your Decks: Dogs “Peeing” on decks because of Snow!

Too Much Snow?

 Maintain your Deck and avoid problems of having your pets “pee” on them!  The old adage “Don’t eat yellow snow” should be don’t leave yellow snow on your deck!

The snow keeps falling, your deck and outdoor living space keeps piling up high with snow.  No where for your pets to go. What to do?  Shovel it!  Take the snow off your patio to prevent uplift of the stones.  If they were not installed properly, the freezing of the ground will cause an uplift of the stones.

When this happens, and you shovel it, the shovel will get bent due to the upheaval of the flagstone.  If you have a metal tip/lip to your shovel, it will get bent and scratch the next surface it hits…..which will probably be your deck!  Do not use that shovel on your deck, furniture, car, etc. it will cause scratches that cannot be repaired entirely.  If your deck is wood, they can be sanded, but if your deck is vinyl or composite the only way to repair those scratches is to replace the board.

The best solution, do not use metal on your deck.

We live in the Northeast too.  We’ve removed all the snow from our rails, tables, chairs, decks and barbeque.  This helps all of these items prepare for the next snow.

It also helps our dogs understand that it is still a deck, patio, and furniture.  Dog “pee” in snow doesn’t seem that bad.  It was always a joke as a kid, “Don’t eat yellow snow”, but when the snow melts, it all soaks into the deck or patio, leaving an odor that animals can detect.  All of a sudden, in the middle of summer you see your fine, loved pet, sniffing and using that same area as a “spot” to relieve themselves.

Avoid this anguish by shoveling your deck clean of snow so those “little ones” understand the path to their destination.

Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s a fact of pets!  Take care of your deck like you would your wood floors in your house.  You would never throw dirt all over you living room floor,  don’t leave snow on your deck….same ending